We Still Need More Women in Tech

March 13, 2024

Last Friday, we celebrated International Women’s Day 2024. And although we see an increase in the number of women pursuing an education and employment within the field of IT and tech, we are still far from achieving a gender balance.

From 2014 to 2023, the enrollment of women in IT programs has risen from 27% to 32.3%. However, there is still a significant majority of men in the more “hardcore” tech fields such as computer science and data science.

This is also reflected in our recruitment processes, where the pool of developers and other IT professionals is still dominated by men.

So, how can we make the IT industry more attractive to women?

We have to acknowledge that part of the effort needs to start early. Both girls and boys should be introduced to IT early on to spark interest and develop skills. There will always be a need for IT professionals in our society.

However, here are four suggestions to what companies can do right now:

🦸‍♀️ Highlight female role models

Inspire others by showcasing women in IT, their stories, and experiences.

🤝 Create an inclusive recruitment process

Review your recruitment process to ensure it is free from bias and fosters an inclusive atmosphere.

🌐 Cultural change

Combat stereotypes and challenge the existing culture that may be discouraging for women. Create an environment where everyone feels welcome.

🧠 Increase awareness

Educate and inform about the benefits of diversity in the IT industry to change attitudes and promote openness.