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Through a combination of thorough research from all available sources and our knowledge of digital core competencies and people fit we provide the right recruit for your company.

I know that DigitalCareer encompasses all the necessary elements to thrive and succeed in an increasingly digital age with a team of highly professional, technological, and digital aptitude. However, dedication is what has made an extra impression on me.

Joining the team at DigitalCareer was an exciting endeavor for me since I was given the opportunity to work with numerous companies and digital-focused recruitment objectives daily. After working with DigitalCareer over a considerable period, I quickly realized why DigitalCareer is one of the go-to digital-focused agencies in Denmark.

DigitalCareer’s commitment to meet the clients’ criteria and needs is second to none, and I have experienced the importance of that responsibility throughout the whole team firsthand. Therefore, the process of finding the fitting candidates has proven itself to mandate robustness.

Isja Maria Cooper DigitalCareer, COO

Anders Vad Nielsen DigitalCareer, Junior Analyst

Brian Erik Hansen DigitalCareer, CEO

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Specializing in digital recruitment we offer the following services: Counseling, Longlist, Recruitment by case, Strategic partnership, and Outplacement.

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