Turn Challenges into Triumphs at Your Next Job Interview

March 20, 2024

We often tend to avoid discussing past difficulties when we aim to impress during a job interview. However, you’re actually missing out on a unique opportunity to craft an inspiring narrative that sets you apart as a candidate.

This is where the SHER method comes into play. SHER stands for Situation, Hurdle, Endgame, and Reflection.

📖 Situation – Describe the specific situation you were in.

🚧 Hurdle – Outline the challenges you faced.

🎯 Endgame – Explain how you handled and overcame these challenges.

💭 Reflection – Reflect on the lessons learned and the skills gained from this experience.

By using this method, you have the chance to demonstrate your problem-solving ability and reflect on your personal growth.

So, the next time you prepare for a job interview, remember to look back on your challenges and use them as inspiration to shape a story of your success and development.