The Demands of Young Workers

May 15, 2024

In today’s work environment, understanding what motivates young employees and meeting their demands is crucial. Work occupies a significant portion of their lives, often surpassing time spent with family. This makes the relationships with colleagues critically important. A strong social and relational workplace environment is key when young people describe their dream job, highlighting the need for employers to focus on these aspects to attract and motivate them.

Flexibility: A Non-Negotiable Requirement

Flexibility is not just an expectation but a necessity for young workers, especially for those who are career-driven and hardworking. They see freedom and flexibility as essential to balancing their ambitions and heavy workloads. Workplaces offering flexible conditions are more likely to attract and retain these ambitious individuals.

Personal Relationships at Work

Research from the past decade indicates that young employees expect personal relationships with their leaders and colleagues, often extending to social media. This reflects a trend toward a boundary-less work environment where knowing the “whole person” is valued. Employers should enhance personal and relational elements in their recruitment and workplace culture to meet these expectations.

High Expectations and Desire for Development

Young talents are highly engaged and have significant expectations from their jobs. They prioritise opportunities for personal and professional development across all job types and educational levels. They are willing to invest heavily in their work but demand that it offers continuous challenges, development, and skill acquisition. Lack of growth opportunities is a major demotivator for them.