The 4-Day Work Week Has Arrived

February 14, 2024

The 4-day workweek has gained traction recently, challenging the conventional 5-day model 💼

Our business partner, IIH Nordic is one of the companies that have embraced a 4-day workweek. They offer their employees a 30-hour workweek, which has resulted in a 70% improvement in stress levels and overall health. It has also (perhaps surprisingly) caused a surge in productivity.

Beyond personal and commercial advantages, the shortened workweek offers immediate environmental benefits, reducing commuting and resource usage on the vacant fifth workday.

However, challenges emerge, requiring a balanced transition. Streamlining tasks and processes is crucial to avoiding dissatisfaction among employees not suited to an accelerated environment. Maintaining a positive work culture becomes challenging with less time for events, necessitating thoughtful scheduling.

To succeed with a 4-day workweek, companies must optimize tasks, automate processes, and involve employees. Implementing focused work intervals and brief, purposeful meetings further support productivity in the compressed workweek.