The technological development and digital transformation lead to an increase in demand for a skilled digital workforce. We are specialized within the digital field and have recruited more than 500 talented people within the last few years. Through a combination of thorough research from all available sources and our knowledge of digital core competencies and people fit, we provide the right solution for your company. Read more about our services below and how we can meet your company’s needs.


Before bringing a candidate on board, it is important to find out exactly what your business needs. First of all, we help you with an overlook of your existing team; how to organize and optimize. In sparring with you, we also do a job analysis where we get to know your organization and challenges. Success requires a realistic claim profile that matches your business so you appeal to the right talent pool.

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You realize that you need help, but do not know exactly what that help is going to look like. A new hire at this stage will rightfully be confused and ineffective. So, instead, hire an advisor, not an employee.

In an era where digital terms are only increasing, it can be difficult knowing what the accurate job title and set of skills would be. After all, a job title is so much more than a name. For starters, a job title is the first thing that catches the candidate’s attention when he or she hears about the job. This could also ultimately determine whether that perfect candidate clicks on your job posting or scrolls right on past it.


The longlist is a list of names of potential candidates as a result of a high-level search performed by DigitalCareer. We identify potential candidates through quality-oriented and thorough research that matches the defined profile. You will be provided with a report containing a wide range of different profiles that fulfill but also challenge your view and thoughts on the ideal profile. A longlist will be prepared in a process where we spar with each other to ensure that the final list meets your expectations.

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You would like to get a full overview of potential candidates in the market that matches your ideal profile.

You probably have an HR department who can manage the interview and hiring process, but you do not have the time, tools or knowledge to do the research and find the right candidate.


A solid foundation is essential for a successful search, so the starting point will be a thorough analysis of your needs, where we challenge your view of the ideal profile. We screen the market for the right candidates and take care of all applicants. The analysis and search process last six weeks and you will be presented to 3-5 candidates that matches the ideal profile. The process is agile and customized to your needs.

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You want a dedicated partner to take care of the recruitment process from a-z. You are looking for a partner who will provide you with market insights, search in the right talent pool and find the right match to your organization.

Our recruitment process is characterized by being transparent, fast and cost-effective.


The essence of recruiting lies in the ability to figure out, what resources your company needs to reach your strategic goals. A strategic partnership goes beyond just filling empty positions. It can focus on discovering talent before it is needed, capitalizing on windfall opportunities when there is an abundance of highly qualified people. A consultant from DigitalCareer will be available at your office as much as needed and we will constantly feed your organization with relevant profiles.

Choose this solution if..

Your organization is in rapid growth and are looking for four talented profiles or more to be a part of your journey. You would like to have a recruitment roadmap with a forward-thinking hiring plan, so that you proactively source and nurture talent, so you have a warm pipeline when you’re ready to hire.


Outplacement typically includes individual meetings, profile makeover, workshops, ongoing sparring and digital supplements. The outplacement process is aimed at helping dismissed employees think in new perspectives, new job opportunities and generally in new career paths. In the end, it’s all about getting terminated employees back into the job market as soon as possible.

Choose this solution if..

Outplacement is an offer for terminated employees or managers, and the purpose is to assist the terminated employee well through a professional, individual counseling program.

If you, as an employer, have had to lay off employees and you want to emerge as a socially responsible company that takes care of its employees in this difficult situation, outplacement is a good choice. In addition, outplacement strengthens your employer branding so that you can continue to appear as an attractive company to the sought-after digital specialists in the market.

We offers a flexible agreement where you as a company have the opportunity to offer dismissed employees different types of courses that vary in price and scope – without compromising on quality.

Planning your next hire?

By planning the process in advance ensures the organisation to be in right time with the right hires.

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