Recruitment and Social Media

September 20, 2023

9 out of 10 Danes use social media 📱

This means that Denmark is the country where the population uses social media the most in the EU.

There are, therefore, many exciting opportunities to incorporate social media into your recruitment strategy, both in terms of advertising itself but also everything surrounding it.

Social media allows you to be present where the potential candidates are. It is also a tool for building relationships and strengthening your employer brand.

Our recommendation ⬇️

Make your company attractive to potential candidates by offering insight into the company, so the potential applicants can use your social platform(s) to get a sense of the company before applying.

When it comes to job advertising, social platforms can be used as part of a broader strategy, which also includes job portals and the company’s own website.

However, it’s important to decide which social media platforms are best suited to your target audience. LinkedIn and Facebook are popular in Denmark, but you can also consider other platforms relevant to your industry.

What is included in DigitalCareer’s services?

At a minimum, we always advertise on LinkedIn and on our website as a supplement to the recruitment channels your company uses.