Record Number of Female Applicants at The IT University

July 19, 2023

Fantastic news for the IT sector! 🎉

A record number of people have applied to The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) this year. The university, which is specialised in IT, has had a significant increase of 9% in applications for its bachelor’s degree programs. Particularly noteworthy is the increase in female applicants. 38% of the applicants are women, which outnumbers all previous records for the university.

ITU’s targeted efforts over the years to broaden the appeal of ITU’s programs to a more diverse audience seems to be yielding positive results. And this trend is not only great news for ITU but also incredible news for the entire IT sector as it aligns with society’s need and demand for more IT specialists. Additionally, the increase in female applicants represents a crucial step towards a more diverse and inclusive IT sector, where different perspectives and ideas can flourish.

These news tell us that the future of the IT sector looks promising as the interest in IT is flourishing – also among women. ITU’s efforts to attract a more diverse pool of talent help ensure that the digital era’s challenges in the years to come will be met with innovation and inclusivity 🌱👩‍💻