Important Factors for IT Professionals When Changing Jobs

November 8, 2023

Looking for new people in the IT industry can often be challenging as skilled IT professionals are in high demand. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of some of the important factors that make it more attractive for people working with IT to change jobs.

In 2023 and recent years, we have experienced greater (economic) uncertainty. This means that it’s even more crucial that there are some concrete improvements on the table for IT professionals to jump at the opportunity of a new job.

1️⃣ Higher salary

One of the most frequently mentioned incentives for changing jobs is a bump in salary. If you’re able and willing to offer a more competitive salary than their current salary, IT professionals are more likely to find the idea of switching to your company interesting.

2️⃣ Better management

Another important factor is getting the opportunity to work in a company with better management. For IT professionals it’s important to feel supported and heard by management but at the same time a feeling of mutual trust and independence is also essential.

3️⃣ Shorter distance

Another thing that is also mentioned as an important factor is getting a shorter distance to their workplace. This means spending less time on transportation and more time on what’s important – both when it comes to work but also private life.