How We Handle Your Data

October 4, 2023

At DigitalCareer, we understand how important it is to handle your personal data correctly 🔒 Therefore, we would like to share how we ensure your GDPR protection during a recruitment process with us:

📊 You have control over your data

You decide what to do with your data. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to manage your personal information. You can always update or delete your data through our platform whenever you wish.

Automatic deletion after the process is completed

We have implemented a policy of automatically deleting your information shortly after the recruitment process is finished. This ensures that your data is not kept stored unnecessarily.

🛡 Protection of sensitive information

We only collect information that is relevant to the recruitment process. We never request sensitive information such as religion, political beliefs, or health information. Your confidentiality is our priority.

📝 Transparency and consent

We always ask for your consent before collecting and processing your information. This gives you clarity on how your data will be used, and you always have the right to withdraw your consent.