How To Avoid Hiring a Clone

May 29, 2024

In recruitment, there is often a tendency to create a job profile identical to that of the departing employee. However, this search for a clone is rarely ideal. Instead of looking to find the exact same piece to fit in the puzzle, it can be beneficial to take a step back for a moment and analyse what will truly be the best fit for the role.

Here are three strategies to consider if you want to avoid hiring a clone:

🔎 Analyse organisational needs

Access how your company has evolved since the role was last filled and what skills are currently needed to continue and drive future growth.

🔑 Focus on key competencies

Identify and prioritise the most important skills as well as attributes required for the role. Don’t simply replicate the previous employee’s profile.

✅ Consider the cultural fit

Evaluate how a potential candidate’s personal qualities and cooperation styles align with their future employees, team, and the company culture.