Get to Know Our Team

September 6, 2023

At DigitalCareer, our team is driven by a shared passion for professional excellence. Here we’ll take a closer look at the individuals who bring their expertise and dedication to our workplace.

Meet our Recruitment Consultant, Jesper Münter. His expertise lies in engaging with interesting and talented clients and candidates, sparking excitement every day. He thrives on immersing himself in different businesses, teams, and their strategies, needs, and desires. Jesper’s primary focus is to understand candidates’ aspirations, motivations for seeking new positions, and how their expertise and personalities align with our company’s values. As a pivotal bridge between candidates and employers, Jesper plays a vital role in fostering successful connections.

Fun Fact: Jesper is an avid beer enthusiast with a deep passion for the Belgian beer style called Lambic. His dedication to this unique beer style has driven him to delve into its history, and he is currently engrossed in a book that explores its origins 🍺

Next, we have Isja Maria Cooper, our COO and Recruitment Specialist, who is fuelled by her passion for developing both individuals and organisations. Isja thrives on engaging in meaningful conversations with talented professionals about their ambitions, dreams, challenges, and unique qualities. She finds great satisfaction in understanding the needs and goals of our partners while challenging preconceived notions of the “perfect match.” When the pieces come together to form a mutually beneficial connection, Isja sees her work reach a higher level, creating an exciting and impactful experience for all involved. Additionally, she actively contributes to enhancing the recruitment process by seeking innovative methods and perspectives.

Fun Fact: Isja is an avid music enthusiast, spending an average of four hours a day indulging in her passion. Her eclectic taste spans various genres, from techno and grunge to post-punk and jazz 🎸

Now, let’s introduce Camilla Josephine Rundager, our Recruitment Consultant, who thrives on knowledge and the thrill of discovering something new with every partner and candidate interaction. Camilla finds it fascinating to explore various industries, individuals, fields of expertise, and technologies. Her dedication to continuous growth even led her to pursue a front-end development coding course. By understanding diverse needs, ambitions, talents, and desires, Camilla is dedicated to creating perfect matches between employers and candidates.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Camilla is not only the proud owner of our beloved office dog, Barbaroux, but she also has a house cat named Felix and a Haflinger horse named Asti? With her love for animals, Camilla dreams of owning a small farm one day 👩‍🌾

Last but not least, we have Brian Erik Hansen, our CEO and Recruitment Specialist, who thrives on driving transformative changes in the lives of the people he works with. Witnessing individuals secure their first leadership positions, transition into new roles, or find their perfect match within a company fills him with a profound sense of accomplishment. Brian believes in facilitating life-altering experiences that shape the future trajectory of individuals and organisations. For him, the journey of creating meaningful change and forming exceptional teams is the most thrilling aspect of his role at DigitalCareer.

Fun Fact: Brian is an avid traveler, and his frequent trips to Brazil have provided some interesting experiences. Due to the country’s flexible approach to punctuality, Brian coined the term “horario dinemarquês,” which means “Danish time”. This playful term has become a source of laughter with friends and family in Brazil, and Brian has become a bit less pedantic about timeliness since then ⏰