Generative AI is Not Magic

January 17, 2024

As we live in a world of rapid technological advancements, it is important to recognise that generative AI solutions like ChatGPT are not magic nor are they toys for casual experimentation 🪄

They are powerful tools that require a thoughtful approach, backed by knowledge, skill, and education.

Generative AI, while incredible, can pose risks if not used it properly. Incorrect usage can lead to misinformation and confusion. Therefore, it’s important that users understand the nuances of these technologies as well as responsible handling.

Given that Generative AI is a relatively new technology, especially in the public domain, it is vital that we as a society provide people with knowledge and best practices from an early age, starting with educational institutions. It is not only about fostering a deep understanding of the technology but also about instilling a sense of responsibility in its use.

We should make sure that technology is transformed into tools that we understand and can use on our own terms without compromising the well-being and safety of our society. Tapping into the expertise of IT professionals can significantly contribute to spreading awareness and providing guidance on the responsible use of Generative AI.