Concerns Over AI in the Workplace

August 23, 2023

Three-quarters of the world’s companies are considering a ban on the use of AI 🤖

Generative AI applications like ChatGPT are causing concerns among IT decision-makers worldwide. This is shown in a new study by Blackberry.

This is due to the risks of data security breaches, privacy issues, and potential data leaks that could have serious consequences for the company. A total of 83% of the respondents express concern about the security threat of using generative AI applications.

💡 Despite the high level of resistance to generative AI, Blackberry believes that instead of banning the use, companies should ensure they have the right tools in place for visibility, monitoring, and control of the applications used in the workplace.

The study also shows that more people see the potential of using generative AI applications like ChatGPT in the workplace, including the possibility to:

🐝 Increase efficiency (55%)
🚀 Boost innovation (52%)
🌈 Enhance creativity (51%)

The survey was conducted among 2000 IT decision-makers in Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia and shows that several companies, including Verizon, Samsung, and IBM Denmark, have already implemented bans on the use of ChatGPT and similar applications in the workplace.