Where do DigitalCareer stand according to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in talent recruitment?


We already see Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies doing a great job supplementing us in our daily lives; from voice powered personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, fundamental technologies such as behavioural algorithms to self-driving vehicles and search engines. According to LinkedIn’s report; the time has come for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to have an impact on talent recruitment.

Based on LinkedIn’s research, the next generation AI technology will help recruiters work faster by automating administrative tasks, and smarter by generating insights they would not think of alone.

LinkedIn’s research showed that AI Technology can be helpful in the following:

  • The Time Factor
    The AI technology will be a time saver, once the technology helps out with the simple but time consuming works tasks, such as, sourcing, screening and nurturing candidates.


  • The Empowering and Amplifying factor
    The AI technology can be helpful doing low level tasks so recruiters can focus on recruiting strategies and candidate relationships.


  • The Augmentation Factor
    The AI technology will be taking care of low level tasks, which will give recruiters more time to focus on the human side of the job, such as, negotiation, understanding candidates needs and building communities and cultures. With time, the AI technology will be augmenting recruiters’ role.


At DigitalCareer, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the game and optimize ourselves with useful digital technologies, and we are sure that AI Technology will play a huge role in our recruitment in future terms.

Therefore, we are keeping ourselves updated on the technological development in AI, and we will be testing out several methods in the future, as well as implementing some of these methods in our work of digital talent recruiting, which will be beneficial for our clients, candidates and ourselves.

However, the available AI Technology solutions out there at the moment are still in its initial stages, and as of now, we do see some challenging factors ahead by using the above-mentioned solutions:

  1. The Big Data Factor
    AI technology requires a big amounts of data that can be analysed and concluded from, which in itself can be hard to collect. This leads us to the second challenging factor:


  1. The Delivery of Data Factor
    To prosper a big amount of data, it requires that candidates are willing to invest a lot of time and resources from the beginning of a recruitment process, and thereby be willing to deliver data.


  1. The Supply and Demand Factor
    Lastly, for AI Technology to be successful in talent recruitment, it needs to be functional in a labour market, where the demand for qualified candidates are bigger than the supply of jobs, which is the reality of Danish digital labour market at the moment.


These are the 3 challenging factors that we, DigitalCareer, are striving to solve in the future. We are already working with tests and implementations of AI Technology solutions in our recruitment processes, and we are with high interest keeping ourselves up-to-date on the development within this area.

If you think something has been overlooked or want to share any interesting thoughts on AI Technology implementations in the future of talent recruitment – you are more than welcome to share it with us.


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