We constantly strive to achieve our mission of becoming the leading company in Denmark, in the field of digital recruitment. Therefore, it is with great pleasure to introduce the latest member to our team – Isja Maria Cooper, Recruitment Consultant.

Isja is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration from Roskilde University, in which she has gained a broad understanding of organizational structure and culture. Eventually, she wants to complete a Master in Business Development to strengthen her abilities and understanding of strategy, innovation and how to be involved in supporting potential growth.

She has 5 years of experience in research and recruitment within the digital field, and more so, she has experience in working with employer branding, communication and marketing.

Isja has a passion for people and believes in ‘human beings’ rather than ‘human resources’.

For the past two years, she has been focusing on career sparring and coaching, in which she has gained knowledge on how to match talent with the right career opportunity. For many years, tech specialists have been a focus of hers – alongside her interest in the interplay between business and technology.

The ability of understanding company culture and needs is another interest of hers. In her opinion, those are two crucial factors in achieving successful recruitment and employment.

In her spare time, Isja loves to travel and explore different cultures and societies, and she enjoys maintaining her health with long walks in Copenhagen and being in nature with friends and family.

You can connect with Isja at +45 53 52 40 11 or [email protected].

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