Talent recruitment

Carefully chosen recruits are vital for successful growth

The technological development and the digital transformation leads to an increase in demand for skilled digital talent. Combined with changes in demography and lack of skilled digital graduates this leads to a negative gap between supply and demand. We believe that carefully chosen recruits are vital for successful growth in this rapidly changing business environment.


Talent Recruitment is targeted specialist positions. The process is fast and cost-effective, and the process is aimed at clients who primarily need to hire a candidate that fills an operational role in the company. The typical Talent Recruitment process lasts 4-8 weeks.

  • Needs analysis

    Analyse of what exactly the client needs and scheduling the process.

  • Search

    Identification of relevant candidates and conduction of preliminary interviews.

  • Depth interview

    Analyzing the candidates' mental skills, professional skills and professional experience in relation to the needs analysis.

  • Client interview

    Presentation of the candidates who meet the highest possible degree of compliance with the requirements of the needs analysis.

  • Follow up

    Obtaining references from the candidates' network, former employers and other relevant sources. Contracting and completion of the process.

The Best Solution For Your Business

By working with us you achieve clear benefits that can be measured directly on the bottom line.

  • Guarantee

  • You achieve a guarantee on the candidates you hire. This saves you for costs if the unthinkable happens and the employment is being terminated.
  • Time

  • Outsourcing the recruitment process saves you for valuable time and enables you to add value to your organisation performing what you are best at.
  • Quality

  • Sourcing the best active and passive digital talent in the market gives you the best performing employees. Our business knowledge and focus ensure this.
  • Performance

  • Paying a fixed fee when initialising the process and a performance based fee after completion of the process ensure you a transparent and competitive price model.


The digital areas of expertise are atomized. At DigitalCareer the digital marketing competencies are divided in 8 categories.

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