Strategic recruitment


At DigitalCareer we work with a long-term perspective so that the organisation meets the future needs in time – we call it the strategic approach. By planning the proces in time the organisation counteracts losses in the value creating activities and improve the preconditions for future growth. We help the organisation with the planning and support each step of the process.

Strategic Recruitment

Strategic Recruitment is targeted management- and senior specialist positions. The process is more extensive in each phase, and the process is aimed at clients who primarily need to hire a candidate that fills a strategic role in the company. The typical Strategic Recruitment process lasts 8-12 weeks.

  • Needs analysis

    Based on the needs analysis a market analysis is executed. Relevant industries, companies and candidates are being identified. The optimal sourcing strategy is being decided.

  • Search

    Multiple search strategies are being conducted at the same time, and efforts are continuously adapted to market feedback.

  • Depth interview

    Additional meetings are held with selected candidates, to ensure coherence between the candidates abilities and ambitions, and the clients' strategic objectives.

  • Client interview

    Additional meetings are held to ensure, that candidates are the optimal strategic fit for the client. Psychological tests are carried out with selected candidates.

  • Follow up

    Obtaining additional references from all relevant sources, to confirm or reject the clients' and digitalcareers' hypotheses about the selected candidate before contracting.

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By thinking about what the long-term objectives are for both the job role and wider business unit, organisations can make more strategic hires. Helping to future-proof the digital needs of a business, a specialist digital recruiter can effect real change and help businesses source the right person to lead transformation in their business. At DigitalCareer we believe that sourcing the right person at the right time is critical for future growth.