How to make your LinkedIn profile visible for potential employers


There is a significant demand for digital candidates at the moment, and as a result, we have created a list of advice on how you can improve the visibility of your LinkedIn profile for recruiters and potential employers.  

Keep it Simple
Update your profile with relevant information. Make sure that your skills are listed, and your job descriptions reflect what you are doing and have been doing. Do not write long paragraphs that will be heavy for the eye, keep it simple with short sentences and bullet points.

Add Keywords
It is very important that you optimize your profile for keyword searches. This will make your profile more visible for potential employers and recruiters. You can add keywords in your headline and job descriptions, such as, Senior IT Executive, Marketing Manager, Business Analyst etc. Only use keywords that are relevant for your professional profile.

Show Your Results
Write your key achievements in easy-to-read bullet points, and make them clearly visible. People tend to mention their responsibilities rather than their achievements. Potential employers want to see what you have accomplished and how you have made a difference above and beyond the other applicants.

Appearance is Key
Now that the content of your Linked profile is on point, so should the looks of it be! Make sure to upload a professional photo of yourself dressed in what you would wear to work. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your digital first impression before the actual first impression. Think of it as your first step to building your personal brand on LinkedIn and that you want to come across as trustworthy.

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