How companies can face the gaping gap in the Danish job market


The Danish digital job market is facing a significant challenge at the moment. On one hand, we are one of the leading European countries when it comes to digital transformation of businesses (source). On the other hand, the digital transformation has caused a huge demand on experienced candidates with the right digital competences, which has made the recruitment of these candidates extremely challenging.

At DigitalCareer, we are more than pleased with the development of Danish businesses, when it comes to digital transformation. According to a report from the European Commission, we are one of the leading European countries when it comes to digital transformation. This is especially evident among Danish businesses, where the transformation is explosive. In fact, a majority of Danish companies, large and small, are expecting to invest in future technologies and digital solutions and has placed these investments on the top of their agenda. We acknowledged and find these long term solutions reasonable and necessary.

However, the explosive development of digital transformation leaves a huge gap in the Danish job market, in which businesses are in huge demand for candidates with the right digital competences. The majority Danish businesses find it challenging to recruit the right competences or get access to competences with understanding for the digital/technical development, and more so, they find the need for an education reform, with focus on digital competences and leadership, necessary.

Nonetheless, at DigitalCareer, as we acknowledge the necessity for long-term solution, we believe there’s an urgent need to face the challenge by implementing short-term solutions. Here is our advice on what companies, as of now, can do to face the gap in the Danish job market:

  • Purpose
    First and foremost, it is essential that companies know who they are and what they want to accomplish; they need to have a clear purpose. A company that has a clear purpose will attract more candidates.


  • Change of internal mind-set
    Second of all, companies needs to change their internal mind-set. It is common, that most companies search for candidates with years of experience in different departments. However, with the current challenge in mind, we believe that companies should invest in young candidates with less experience, and by less experience, we suggest candidates with 18 months of experience. In such way, the company and the candidates will grow and develop together.


  • Flexibility
    Lastly, companies needs to implement more flexibility. This can be achieved by increasing their will of investment (hence the change of internal mind-set). The solution is not to recruit perfect fitted candidates, instead, the solution is to develop new employees. The goal is to recruit incomplete candidates that with time, will be complete.


The abovementioned advice, is what we on a daily basis recommend our clients to have in mind, when recruiting new digital candidates, and we experience that the majority are pleased with the outcome.

If you think something has been overlooked or want to share any interesting thoughts regarding the Danish digital transformation, you are more than welcome to share it with us.


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