DigitalCareer’s Spotlight of the Month: Brian Rasmussen


’Spotlight of the Month’, is our new monthly internal interview series. It has the purpose of giving an insight in who/what is behind DigitalCareer. For October month we’ve sat down with Headhunter, Brian Rasmussen..

Brian R. has been part of DigitalCareer for the past 2 years, and on a daily basis, he helps companies and candidates finding each other. We’ve asked Brian R. about his professional background, his work at DigitalCareer and his view on the digitalization of the Danish job market. Read further and get to know more about Brian R.

How would you describe your work at DC (DigitalCareer)?

I help companies with recruiting digital employees for digital job positions.

What did you do prior to DC?

For many years, I worked with Sales and Sales Management within the media industry, and also within the digital spectrum.  

Why did you switch your career in Sales/Sales Management with a headhunter position at DC?

I saw the opportunity to combine the digital knowledge, that I have gained from my work with Sales and Sales Management, with matching candidates and employers for digital positions.

What does a typical day look like for you in the DC office?

At DigitalCareer, each day brings something new with it. But in general terms, my days goes with customer care of the companies that we recruit for, and meetings/conversations with candidates. What takes up the most of my day must be; the search for candidates.

What do you like the most / are you proudest of, when it comes to your job?

The fact that I can facilitate that a candidate lands his/hers dream job, and that a company can continue their growth with a new skilled employee. This gives me a great feeling to take with me home, once the work day is over.

What can you say about the digitalization of Danish companies and the high demand for digital specialists?

The gap between supply and demand is steadily rising and all companies wishing to grow and stay competitive in their field, need to digitize their business. By nature, it requires employees with digital competences. However, fact is that there isn’t enough digital employees out in the market to meet the huge demand, and at the same time, companies want to employ experienced digital specialists.  In broad terms, the unemployment rate for digital specialists is 0%, so new employees can only be recruited by retrieving them from other companies.

Last but not least, do you have any good advice to companies that struggle with recruiting the highly demanded digital specialists?

Be prepared to invest more effort than just posting a job ad on a job portal. With the current supply and demand for digital candidates, a job advertisement on a job portal is no longer the solution to attract candidates. The best digital specialists are already in jobs and they do not read job ads. They need to have a new career opportunities served 5 cm from their faces, with a good story attached to it, about why a company is interesting enough for them to take the step towards a new job.

Furthermore, it’s an art in itself to find relevant candidate profiles. They are under many titles and can be difficult to locate

If you’re left with questions, or would like to know more about how DigitalCareer can help you as a company or candidate –  you are more than welcome to contact us at [email protected] or Brian Rasmussen at [email protected]/ +45 53 52 05 36   

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