DigitalCareer’s list of Do’s and Don’ts for a Job Interview


We are experienced in finding the right digital candidates for job positions, and one of the bearing steps to finalize a position is, the job interview. Therefore, we have come with a Do’s and Don’ts list with some useful advice on how you can make a great impression at your job interview.


Smiling and nodding, where appropriate, illustrates enthusiasm and displays your personality in a good light.


Interviewers like when they see interviewees seem genuinely interested in their business. So make sure to have at least one interesting question prepared for when the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions?” Furthermore, remember to maintain a balance of asking questions so you come across and inquisitive and eager to find out more, and asking too many questions that will make you come across as inexperienced.


Unless informed otherwise, you should always show up to an interview in a formal attire. This will make a great first impression, which of course will have a huge impact on the interview. It also shows that you care to make an effort in presenting yourself the best way.


Even though, you should come across as being on “the same page” as the interviewer, it is also a positive thing to show that you can have a different opinion, which can set you apart from the competition with other applicants. Potential employers are on the lookout for fresh ideas, and showcasing such ideas demonstrates that you are capable of original thinking and can deliver in the role you have being interviewed for.


Your body posture says more about you than you would think. Your potential employer can be watching you from the moment you walk into the reception area. You do not want to send the wrong signals by relaxing too much. Hunching forward with sloppy arms down the side, can give the impression that you are bored and uninterested. Make sure to sit up right while you still feel comfortable so it comes across as natural. When the interviewer asks you questions, it is also a good thing to slightly lean in towards them – this signals a sense of curiosity and engagement.


Showing up a few minutes late for an interview could be the reason the job went to another candidate. Being late will have a negative impact on the interviewer’s impression for you. Even though you do well in the interview itself. Plan out your transportation with some minutes to spare. Do not show up more than 5-10 minutes prior the interview. Of course, some situations are out of your control, so if you know that you are running late, make sure to contact whoever necessary as soon as possible, and sincerely apologize.


Avoid exaggerating when addressing your skills and accomplishments. It’s important to be truthful on what you’ve done and what you can do. Being caught in even the smallest of white lies can raise questions about your character and fitness for the position in question. Instead, be clear on what digital competences and areas you want to learn and improve yourself in.


Over using the words filler-words such as “uh” and “uhm”, will make you come across as too nervous, unprofessional and unprepared. You should rather take a short pause to gather your thoughts and then answer the questions. Ask for clarification, if you do not understand the questions asked.


We wish you the best of luck with your job interview!



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