DigitalCareer‘s 2018 Half Year Update


June 2018 is coming to an end and we find it as a great opportunity to reflect on our achievements and challenges this first half year –  and likewise – our goals and motivation for the remaining 6 months of 2018.

So far we have had more than 50 great meetings with interesting clients – and more so – hundreds of meetings with great digital skilled candidates. It has resulted in a 150 % growth in recruitments cases and likewise a 150 % growth in turnover. Additionally, in the context of our recruitment work, our network of skilled digital candidates has grown to more than 7.000 connections.

A successful 2017 and a continuous growth into early 2018 led to significantly more work, which called for an expansion of our team. We have employed 3 additional great individuals to our team, which means our team has gone from a strong 2-person-team to an even stronger 5-person-team!

Looking back, this half year has been successful and with the above-mentioned numbers, we are more motivated than ever to achieve our goal of becoming the leading company in Denmark, in the field of digital recruitment.

On another note, this half year has confirmed that it is very challenging to sort out the digital talented candidates. The digital transformation has caused a significant demand on these candidates, and thereby a huge gap in the Danish job market. This makes it difficult for companies to recruit candidates with the right digital competences.

Here at DigitalCareer, we have advised our clients to face this challenge by resorting to short term solutions and have focus on establishing a clear purpose, a change of internal mind-set and a willingness to show more flexibility when it comes to attracting the digital talented candidates (read more on this here).

Nevertheless, our goal for the last half year of 2018 is to continuously improve our ability to sort out the best digital talent, at the right time, for our clients. Likewise, we want to improve our insights and knowledge of the potential challenges that our clients might face due to the on-going digital transformation.

In simpler terms, the last half year of 2018 and forward we will continue helping companies and candidates find each other.


“We believe that carefully chosen recruits are vital for successful growth



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