In 2017, DigitalCareer experienced a significant growth in customers and recruitment tasks


2017 has been a great year for DigitalCareer! We recruited nearly 70 employees with strong digital skills to a great number of international clients, and our network with digital candidates grew to more than 7.000 people!

We learned that analysis profiles were among the most sought after digital profiles in 2017, and we estimate that it will be the same case in 2018. We also learned that the digital term has been unfolded; to begin with, the term “Digital” was mostly related to Marketing. Since then, Digital Marketing has become inextricably linked to Technology, and now we tend to see “Digital” involve the companies’ Finance functions and Finance is deeply linked with Marketing and Technology. Therefore, we have expanded our focus areas to digital profiles in Marketing, Technology and Finance.

With these positive numbers, we are more motivated than ever to achieve our mission of becoming the leading company in Denmark, in the field of digital recruitment.

We will in 2018 continue our hard work in helping companies and candidates find each other.

“We believe that carefully chosen recruits are vital for successful growth


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Specializing within digital recruitment we offer two recruitment models; Talent Recruitment and Strategic Recruitment.